the First Wall : #transmission

Because just ask …

The surprise when we receive the official letter from the City Council of the 13th district of Paris that authorizes us to create on the wall of the street Watt!

We go into speed mode, we have to find some paint, we pick up friends and we get a little bit everywhere. We add ultramarine blue pigments for the blue part, the only big real purchases concern the Lotus of Morgane Melody, we need bombs!

At the rate of 2 days a week, during 4 weeks, little by little the wall becomes more precise, it is cold and the painting does not react very well, but the BlueFace is drawn with rolls, and that holds!

It will be a very strong human adventure, passers-by stop, talk to us, a group of photographers comes to report, students choose to make it a subject of work, emulation! #transmission is enormously shared on Instagram and Snapchat, we regularly receive identification links, only happiness.

street-art, urban-art, wall, artistes

First mission wall not impossible: #transmission will give birth to a future concept